benefits of grooming

The Benefits of Grooming

Dog grooming has become a big business in the pet industry all over the world where people can take their pet dog for a tidy up or their show prospect for a complete make over to help catch the judges eye. Grooming your dog however is not just about good looks, it has so many health benefits as well, especially for some of the pets who’s coats continue to grow. Of the many times groomers look over dogs, they get to see and feel changes that can and are happening to your dog.  Many times, these can be the first early warning of something that can become more serious if not kept on top of.

Another point of discussion is that while there are so many groomers out there, many are not qualified in any way whatsoever.  Some groomers can literally just buy the equipment they need, do some basic marketing and off they go into business with little or no experience.  This does need to be a bit of buyer beware when selecting a trusted professional to take the best care of your dog with assurances of their health and welfare. You can do this by checking credentials and following up on testimonials to ensure the standards of the groomer are endorsed.

In episode 4 of the Podcast for Pet Carers, we got to speak with the ladies from Spots & Brows, Heather Lamy and Elise Smith about their journey into starting their own grooming salon within the Pet Resorts Australia Dural’s complex.  They share stories about their start up, how they came to be friends and business partners, the difficulties of starting a new business, how they got their name and then onto why grooming is so essential for not just pet owners but for many of the pet guests staying at boarding facilities.  If you want to know more about the ladies from Spots & Brows grooming, you can find them at

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The Effects Of Diet On Dogs' Behaviour

The Effects Of Diet On Dogs Behaviour

In episode 3, we sat down with Narelle Cooke who is an accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, practicing not only with people but largely with people’s pet dogs. The episode focuses on the effect of diet on dogs behaviour and how what you feed your dog can have a huge effect on their overall health and wellbeing.

We felt this would be a suitable topic of discussion for pet carers and even pet parents because of the impact stress can have any time you change your dog’s environment, such as taking your dog to a dog boarding facility. Stress is entirely normal in low doses, and it will be something any species, (including us) will endure over a range of different environmental changes. Because a change of environment can and will cause a layer of stress to your dog, we talk about all the preparation you can do to ensure that is at the lowest possible scale.

This is where Narelle’s expertise comes in with her understanding of this field as she helps guide you through some of the areas of feeding programs, supplements and lifestyle choices that will help your dog live its best life.

Narelle has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (with honours) from the University of Melbourne, she worked for over a decade as a Research Pathologist before moving into the field of Regulatory Affairs for a global pharmaceutical company. It was in these roles that Narelle gained a deep, first-hand understanding of the effect that pathogens, environmental toxins and food production techniques have on our food, our bodies and consequently – our health.

It was this knowledge that led her to complete additional qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, and Western Herbal Medicine, including a Bachelor of Health Science, and to begin her journey as a natural healthcare practitioner for both people and pets.

After listening to the episode, if you want to contact Narelle to speak to her more about her courses, services, and canine supplement range, you can do so by visiting:

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Some facts around canine cough

Some Facts Around Canine Cough

Dealing with Canine Cough is one of the most annoying and dreaded viruses for any social dog-related business.  It only takes one dog to be patient zero, be asymptomatic and bring it to the premises and you have a mini epidemic. Even though the virus itself is largely harmless, it can in some rare cases lead to something more serious, or it could be something different altogether which is why a vet should have a quick look. Not to mention it sounds terrible and scares owners who have never experienced it before.  Canine Cough has a loud honking or a repeated hacking cough, followed sometimes by a dry reach which is why it worries some owners.

Canine Cough is sometimes unfairly called kennel cough because it spreads faster in a kennel’s social environment.  That additionally makes people believe that Canine Cough lives in a kennel.  It doesn’t, in fact, it behaves much like what we have been experiencing with COVID-19. It can be passed on by saliva or mucous and can be atomised into the air from sneezing and coughing dogs. Canine Cough can be picked up in almost any places where dogs congregate such as parks, beaches, play areas, vet clinics, day care centres and boarding kennels. You can be unlucky and have your dog sniff or lick something that has another dog’s viral-loaded saliva and contract it that way.

In our latest episode of the Podcast for Pet Carers, we got to speak with Dr. Rainbow from Aussie Mobile Vets who has treated 100’s of cases of Canine Cough about her thoughts on the virus and her suggestions for pet owners when they are caring for a pet with the dreaded cough. Dr. Rainbow also informed us of some of the other conditions a dog may have which can also cause a coughing-like behaviour. Listen to the episode now for some really helpful advice on dealing with Canine Cough.

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The Benefits Of Training While Boarding Your Dog

When you go on holidays to the location of your dreams, even though you make time to organise the perfect room with, in-house movies, spa bath and comfortable bed, do you spend the entire stay in the room?  Or do you make plans to partake in the local tourist attractions, invest in some water sports, find interesting cuisines etc.

It’s quite unusual to spend all that time just staying indoors for long periods of time.  This is why we as specialists in pet care encourage owners to consider activities for their dogs while they are staying in a boarding facility. The benefits of training while boarding your dog is significant as it provides so many positive advantages.

It provides the dog with mental and physical stimulation while working with their trainer, as well as the ability to learn additional skills or to improve on sticking points. In addition to this, the dog feels more comfortable, has much more human companionship and returns to you with improved behaviour.

This is why we are so passionate in our recommendations for these activities to take place as they have so many benefits, including reducing stress.

We have to talk about stress here for a moment because when owners think about their dogs being stressed, it makes them stress and feel guilty about leaving their pets behind.  So instead of going away to relax and unwind, we create a negative feedback loop and end up worrying more.

The good news is we don’t need to feel this way as it’s something we anticipate and manage. Stress is normal to change and will happen regardless.  The trick here is to keep stress to a minimum by providing as many positive experiences as possible during your pet’s stay.

To learn more about training while boarding your dog, you can speak directly with one of the trainers through our sponsors, Canine Evolution who can provide you with a list of training options that will enhance your dog’s holiday.

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